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New Freebie!

Originally posted on Crowded Earth Kitchen:
The Global Recipe Project Cookbook Contest Ends December 30th Two ways to enter: 1) Reblog this post! 2) Tweet a link to this post, and include @CrowdedEarthKit ——— Available on Amazon, 100% of the profits from The Global Recipe Project Cookbook will benefit not-for-profit organizations which feed people as a central part of their mission. Cooks and food bloggers from around the world have contributed to this amazing book. Over 170 recipes from 65 countries are included. Pick up a copy today, and support a worthy cause! 8″ x 10″ (20.32 x 25.4 cm) Black & White Bleed on Cream paper 136 pages CEK Publishing ISBN-13: 978-0998191607 ISBN-10: 0998191604 BISAC: Cooking / Regional & Ethnic / General

The single scariest moment of my life

Originally posted on Rifqi's photo:
Today’s post won’t be about photography, it won’t even be any fun or funny. I want to write about something that happened to us a few days ago, simply because writing has always been a good way for me to process things – never did care much for talking, since I can’t express myself properly that way. A few days ago, somewhere around 04:30 in the morning, I woke up from a loud crash. My first thought was somewhere along the lines of “what the hell was that”. I then heard people shouting outside, so that changed my thoughts to something along the lines of “what the hell are they doing now”. However, after listening for a few seconds I realized that the people were yelling something specific, as opposed to the random shouts of drunken idiots I had first assumed it to be, “Fire, there’s a fire!”. It’s amazing how quickly you can be wide awake when the body wants you to be. At first I wasn’t all…

Originally posted on 2 Little Chefettes:
For our first ever challenge, we pick an ingredient that is very common yet very tasty… Chocolate chips / buttons Yup, you heard us right… Chocolate chips!  See… it’s not so hard… ^_^ You can do pretty much anything with them. Cookies, cupcakes, muffins, waffles, pancakes, etc. The sky is the limit. So, that’s our very first theme for this month’s challenge. Don’t forget, your post should be online no later than the 8th (July) if you wish to participate in the challenge – this is in order for us to have enough time to compile everything by the 9th (July). Also make sure to check our rules before you link up your post. We’re looking forward for your fantastic recipes 🙂 Have fun! * * * * Additional rule for this theme: No matter what you want to do with chocolate chips, we need to see them in the final result of your food. Not melted. So we know that you used chocolate chips, not just chocolate bars.

Two Little Chefettes: Monthly Cooking Challenge

An unusual post today. Sorry to disappoint you but I want to make a big announcement today. Me and one of my blogger friend Bebe’s Kitchen together we made a monthly cooking challenge. You can head over to our new blog here in Two Little Chefettes. With just following some basic rules, you can join the fun too. And at the end of the month (should be the 9th of every month) we will round up all the recipes that have been linked up to our blog. So everyone can enjoy and share the recipes. Be sure to check and follow the blog. We’ll make the announcement for our very first theme tomorrow. Yaaaaay!!! 😀     Have a nice weekend! ^^