Author: Ridha Soemansyah

Mushroom-Shaped Bread

Morning ^^ Two weeks left until 2017. And this blog will reborn. Yay! Just a short post today. I want to share the latest trend (again) in Indonesia. This time is mushroom shaped bread. It supposed to look like shiitake mushroom. I’m not sure I did a good job or not here though. For the buns I used the recipe from here and for the top it’s only 5 tsp rice flour, 5 tsp cocoa powder, 5 tbsp water. Mix everything together and brush it on to the buns before the second proofing (after you shaped them into a ball). For the filling I’m just filling them with some chocolate, you can also make it plain if you want.   Until next time ^^

Thick Crust Pizza

Just a short post today. I’m sure most of you know how to make pizza already. I have a few recipes in this blog too. But I think I always make them with thin crust. So this time I’m sharing a thick crust one. Actually this type of pizza is more common in Indonesia compare to thin crust. I think one of my high school friend who owns a bakery now ever told me that he tried to sell thin crust pizza (yes, bakery sells mini pizza like this with only sausage and ketchup or something as the toppings, I’m not sure) and the customers were like “what happened to the bread? why is it so thin?” πŸ˜€ and since then he never sells thin crust pizza anymore. Maybe it’s my Asian tongue or I don’t know but I prefers thick crust too. And after looking at some thick crust pizza sold by some of my friends (some of my high school friends have their own business now), I felt like making one too. So …

Bagelen (Sweet Dried Bread)

Good Morning ^^ I’m sharing another snack that I like. I know, I like snacking. A lot. Sigh. But before we go to the recipe, I want to announce something first. I’ve been thinking for a while about this, and I think I will start writing this blog in Bahasa Indonesia instead of English. Starting from next year. Simply because sometimes Indonesian jokes aren’t that funny when I’m trying to translate them in English. And also so I can enjoy writing in this blog more. But don’t worry, I will still make the recipe card in English too. Because when I started this blog, my purpose was to introduce Indonesian foods to non Indonesian people. So I will still continue to do so. Maybe in some countries Indonesian foods are famous, but in most countries not so much. At least not as big as Chinese, Japanese, Indian and now Korean. It makes me sad a little bit, because Indonesia is a big country too and we have soooooo many delicious foods. And depending on which …

New Freebie!

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Terang Bulan / Martabak Manis

Morning Monday ^^ I’m sharing with you Indonesian pancake again today. Just because I feel like it. I love all kind of pancake. Thick or thin doesn’t matter for me. But this one is the one I love the most. I’ve shared the recipe before here. I used the exact same recipe. Use a very low heat when you cook it, to avoid burn at the bottom and raw on top.     Stay warm and until next time πŸ™‚

Get To Know Me

Today I feel like writing random post. And I decided on this theme. Get to know me tag. I’m going to answer 25 random questions. If you don’t really want to know me more, then you can skip this post πŸ˜› So let’s start! 1. What is your middle name? Faradilla. 2. What is your favourite colour? I used to like orange pretty much my whole life and then suddenly I turned to turquoise and mint. 3. How tall are you? Around 165cm I believe. 4. What is your favourite animal? Lion. 5. Do you speak any other languages? And how well? Indonesian (Bahasa) obviously, Swedish about 20% talking and 50% understanding πŸ˜› 6. Computer or TV? Computer. 7. How many siblings do you have? 2 little sisters. 8. What phone do you have? iOS or Android? Android forever. 9. Tell us one of your bad habit! I often being way too honest and end up hurting other people because of that 😦 10. Tea or coffee? Tea (and milk). 11. What is your favourite …

Peach Galette

Tuesday is my favourite school day (not sure if I’ve mentioned this before) because my daughter’s school starts at 9.40 every tuesday. That give us plenty of time to enjoy breakfast and getting ready. And also writing a blog post πŸ˜€ I know peach is a summer fruit but I made this back in late September. And why I just posted this now? Because the photos were “lost” in the camera. I just found them few days ago and edited them right away. Since I have some other things to do today, I’ll go straight to the recipe. I used the recipe from here. And modified it a little bit. Until next time ^^  

Green Egg Noodle

Morning morning ^^ We had snow yesterday, but it didn’t last very long since the temperature isn’t cold enough yet. Very wet. It was like autumn the day before yesterday and in a night turned into winter. Kind of crazy. Lately I’ve been obsessed with homemade noodle, especially when I’m making mie ayam, I still haven’t found the prefect store-bought noodle for it yet. And for me personally mie ayam is all about the noodle (the chicken too of course) but if it has a good noodle even with just a simple chicken with soy sauce will do. It was a lot of work before, when I didn’t have the pasta maker yet. I had to roll the dough with rolling pin (wasn’t an easy job to get the dough as thin as I want) but since I bought the pasta maker, making noodle is so easy and quick (just a bit messy, still :P). You can see my hand cut noodle here and purple noodle here. I use the recipe from this Indonesian blog, …

Apple Pie Pockets

Good Morning from foggy Gothenburg ^^ Autumn is all about pumpkin, apple, cinnamon. Sine our family isn’t a big fan of pumpkin, apple is the only choice to make autumn sweets. I’ve made pies and crumbles before and I was looking for a new way to serve apple pie. Until I saw some photos of Mc Donald’s Apple pie. It seems like it’s pretty famous, I never tried it my self though. Our family rarely eat fast food in places like that since my first daughter were born. I sometimes crave for it when I see the ads on brochure or internet but when I actually eat them, they don’t taste like I expected or the last time I ate them. And after that my relationship with some fast food brands is done right there. Now, I prefer to make burgers, pizza, fried chicken etc at home. Cheaper and healthier πŸ™‚ Back to the pie pockets. I think this style is perfect for picnic, it will save some space, since you can stack them without …

Watermelon Fizz (Non-Alcoholic)

Good morning from almost-everyday-is-a-grey-day Gothenburg. We can definitely feel that autumn is here. My favourite season. It’s pretty, cozy and there’s something magical about autumn. I’m going to share super easy drink for summer (sigh, yes, for summer, next year hopefully). Well, I’ve made the drink here a while back ago. As you can see, the photos are slightly unusual. It’s dark and look kind of dramatic. That was the reason it never made it to the blog, because I didn’t like the result that much. And so it ended up in the computer file, forgotten and abandoned. Until, one day the theme from a photography group I joined with in instagram was a drink. The only drink I have in this blog is this passion fruit drink. Β And then I suddenly remembered I have made this watermelon fizz long long time ago πŸ˜› So I searched for the photos and found them. And when I looked at them, they don’t look that bad anymore πŸ˜› Or maybe my food photos taste changed a little …