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Sweet Spring Roll Skin

sweet spring roll skin

Few weeks ago, I saw a friend’s post in facebook. She was making a snack for afternoon tea. I was curious. The snack looks crunchy and addicting. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

After reading lots of comments underneath her photo, I found out it’s a popular snack in Singapore and Malaysia especially for Eid (muslim’s celebration day). The snack originally called popia nestum. I’m guessing popia is spring roll in both countries. And nestum is a cereal drink, usually made from instant oats. Quite popular in south east Asia.

I’ve looked for so many different recipes for this. They all use different ingredients. Some use horlicks. Some use hot chocolate. And most use nestum.

Unfortunately I can’t find both nestum and horlicks here. Fortunately I brought some cereal drink from Indonesia. Different brand, but it’s pretty much the same thing as nestum. So I used it for this recipe.

And it is quite addicting. This recipe made around one 750ml jar. And I finished the whole jar in 3 days (hungry or addicted? You guess)

I think you can play around with the ingredients in this recipe (just like I did). Find what’s best and available for you.

sweet spring roll skin

Don’t forget to store them in an air tight jar or container. We want them to stay crunch 😉

And sorry for the lack of creativity and imagination for the title. That’s the best I can think of. My brain during this pregnancy is kind of slower than usual. Even my husband having trouble understanding the way I’m thinking and talk and explaining things 😛

sweet spring roll skin



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