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Thursday Talk: Blog Update


Hello, Everyone!

Today I won’t be posting any recipes, but instead I want to talk about other things. I hope you won’t run away 😉

Blog Update

The first thing I want to talk about is my blog update. Recently I changed the theme of my blog. How do you like it compare to the old one? I really like the new one. It has more colour than before but still has that clean and simple design which I like a lot.



Next thing is about re-blogging. Maybe some of you will like it if someone re-blogging your post. But I don’t. Even if it means that I might get a bit more traffic from that certain blog. But I really don’t like it. Well, I hate it. I prefer if they trying on my recipe and link back to my blog. Or maybe a round up of a food and one of my recipe is featured in it. Much better than just re-blogging it straight from the post and only adding some words like “yum” or “tasty”. So please, please.. If you like to re-blog someone else’s posts, you should at least ask the owner first.

cake collage

Some of the cakes and cupcakes I made

Cake Blog

I also decided to delete my cake blog. I haven’t even have time to blog in it. But instead I put link to my flickr if you want to see my cake decorating adventures on the top right page. Not very many pretty cakes like other bakers but at least I have some and I will still continue making cakes for hobby (for now). The only problem is it takes some time to make cakes like that, so I’m only doing it for big celebrations like birthdays and my wedding anniversary.



Last thing I want to talk about for today is an airfryer. How many of you own an airfryer? And what brand? I’ve been thinking about getting one since ages ago. Often tempted by a deep fryer because some electronic shops have a cheap offer. But lucky I have my husband to remind me that if he’s getting a deep fryer for me, it will just encourage me to deep frying foods even more. So I have to keep my self strong and say no to a deep fryer, no matter how cheap they are.

Until I heard about an airfryer. I think it’s a very fancy kitchen gadget. Quite pricey too I must say. But the commercials made it look so good (that’s the point of commercial, right? I’m a bit stupid sometimes :P) You can make fried foods using 1 tbsp of oil or less and even with no oil at all. Very tempting. And I already have list of fried foods I want to try if I get one.. hehehe…

I hope I can get it soon *wink-wink to husband* and I will definitely write a review about it.


That’s all for today. Tomorrow I’ll be back with another recipe.


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