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Rose Apple Pie

Apple pie

Warning! Don’t be fooled!

Before we talk about the recipe of this pie, I’d like to know what do you think about the guest post from my awesome husband? I hope it’ll be useful for you.

Now we can talk about this pie. There’s no actual rose petals / extract / essence. It’s pure apple pie. Just different way of “dressing” it. Th recipe is exactly the same as my Dutch Apple Pie recipe. Only cut the ingredients for the crust into half. The rest are the same. And maybe the way I cut the apples.

I like to look for pretty stuffs or just ideas in pinterest. And then I found this. The blog is in Bulgarian (I’m not really sure because I didn’t really go through to the actual website). But by only looking at the photos is already more than enough to explain how to make the roses. Sure mine isn’t as pretty as the original. I got sick peeling the apples after 4 or 5 roses to make enough rose to cover the whole pie πŸ˜€ And cut the rest of the apples for the filling in the middle. So I made only 12 roses. One rose for each serving.

Apple pie

Also reduce the baking time a little bit, since it isn’t as deep as the original pie recipe. And if you don’t like the peel, you could probably skip it, but I recommend not to because it will help to hold the rose shape.

Apple pie

Serve it with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream like I did.



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