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Indonesia Trip 2013-2014

I’m baaaaaaaaaack!!!

How is everyone doing? I hope you’re all okay and healthy.

Today in Sweden is -6° C. Definitely not my favourite number in the temperature. As you all know, I’ve been away for around 7 weeks. Spending some time with all of my family in Indonesia. The purpose was to celebrate my 25th birthday. And it was awesome! Just like I wanted it to be. In this post I won’t share any recipe. But I’m going to share some photos from the trip and also some foods that I my husband managed to captured.

indo food

These are some foods we bought, they might not look very appetizing but for me, they’re always be missed. And writing this right now is making my mouth watering 😀

street food

This is a stall selling Indonesian sweet and savoury pancake. Will upload all the photos in separate post later.


Not your everyday fruits. I couldn’t find the English name for some of the fruits here. All of them are growing just around my parents’ house except Cempedak.

sing food

During our transits in Singapore. Husband been craving for proper sushi, so he got a full plate just for him self. He was happy 😀


I got my self some new toys to try. Will definitely use them once I’m back on business 😉


Got a cake surprise birthday just after I thought everyone forgot about me on that day. Thank you everyone. I love you all!


Another extra special occasion. My cousin had her wedding ceremony the same day as my birthday. And the next day is the reception. Sorry if you have to look at me in every photos 😛


And finally, these are just our activities during our stay. Meeting friends, picnic, doing house chores and playing.

Sorry for the quality. I promise this won’t happen very often. Most of the photos are taken by phone. You might have to wait a bit for the proper food photos since Mr. Photographer is quite busy with all his photos at the moment.. 😀 😀 😀

So, until then….


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  1. hahahaha…Dureeeeen mana dureeeennn???
    perasaan kemaren ada duren nangkring di dapur?? belom kena Jepret udah tinggal kulit doank pasti 😀

  2. horun says

    Happy Birthday!
    I spend 3 weeks in indonesia (jakarta, bali, seminyak, sanur, gilli Tarawagon and Lombok), had the best Food ever… im now in dubai where I’ve been for 3 days and the food just doesn’t compare, you pay 5x more for food which is 1 of of 10 compared to the food in indonesia… I can’t wait to go back for the food, not forgetting the people, weather and of course the natural beaches!

    • Tell me about it. Whatever I feel like eating over there, I could just buy it. And over here I need to spend hours in the kitchen to make proper Indonesian foods 😀

  3. These dishes look amazing… I miss Indonesian food so much. When I lived in Amsterdam this was (at least) a once a week treat; I admit it: I’m jealous 😉

    • Udah balik lagi malahan mba.. selama disana ga mau buang2 waktu ngeblog.. mendingan berjemur.. hahaha..
      Belum ada waktu, barusan balik minggu lalu, masih cape klo mo bikin yang fancy2. Nnti pasti di post klo udah dicoba 😉

    • Hihihi iya.. bener banget.. kadang malah sampe dipendem aja dalem hati klo pas kebetulan lagi ga ada bahan2nya di rumah… >.<

  4. roohizubair says

    Some of the dishes looks very appetizing and it seems that you and the whole family had a great fun !

  5. maren ga bisa lihat fotonya.. asik ulang tahun pas dimari ya.. happy belated birthday ridha.. selalu sehat bahagia..

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