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If I have to translate it to English, we can call this rice flour crackers. Super easy to make. The only tricky part is cooking it. You just need some practice to get used to it. Once you get it, it’ll be easy. As easy as eating them (hmmm… maybe eating them is easier).


I used to see my mum making these crackers at home. She always made lots of them. And have to stand by the stove for two to three hours. Everyone in the family loves these (well, we just love crackers).

Very popular crackers too in Indonesia. But a bit more expensive than regular prawn or fish crackers. Because it’s a bit time consuming.


I took the photos a while ago. But I just had a chance to make a short video to show you how to make this last weekend.

The recipe is very simple. Basically its 4-1-4. Four parts of rice flour, 1 part of tapioca flour and 4 parts or water. No matter what measurements you use. Grams, cups, dl, etc.

And just like other recipes, there are so many different recipes out there. Even my mum’s. However, I think this recipe is the best for me after trying a few different recipes from my mum, friend and google.


To make it easier, I’m using cups for the recipe. Here I’m using peanuts and small dried prawns. But you can use any nuts. I recommend almond, mung bean, soy bean. For nuts, you can just chop them into small pieces. And for the beans, let them soak in the water for 24 hours before using them.

Here is how to make rempeyek. Fry them for around 2 minutes and flip them over. Fry for one more minute.


p.s Sorry about the bad quality video. Hubby doesn’t have any interest in video editing, so I had to do it my self. And I didn’t have any idea how to edit video either šŸ˜€


  1. Justine says

    thank you for sharing your recipe. I just made a big batch and the only thing I changed was a little less turmeric ( don’t like it too yellow). ENAK from Australia šŸ™‚

  2. Mba Ridha,
    saya bookmarked ya resepnya…sudah lama ingin buat rempeyek…sudah ada bahan tinggal tunggu mood buatnya..
    makasih ya sharingnya, rempeyek yang mba buat benar-benar enak, garing dan pastinya kriuk-kriuk…

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