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Beef Pie

Hi, Everyone!

I’m back, finally. Just  a quick update about me now. Not home yet unfortunately (my stress is already at level 8 out of 10). We’re staying at my mum-in-law’s house in the middle of nowhere. Thanks God they still have internet here. And about my apartement, we still don’t know when we can go back home yet.  Next week probably the last week I can handle my stress, otherwise I might have to check my brain 😛

Anyway, I’m so happy I can go back and taking care of my blog a little bit. Thanks to my husband, he took one of our hard drive where we backed up most of our photos when we packed some stuffs at home.

Today I’m sharing something simple. Beef pie. British style. I’ve made Swedish style salmon pie and chicken pie before. You can check them as well 🙂

Beef pie

Original recipe is from Jamie Oliver’s beef pie. However, it doesn’t look like I’m using the same recipe 😀 Because I changed quite a lot of ingredients in it. If you’re my loyal reader, you know that I like to change some of the ingredients, depending what I have in my kitchen. You can of course do that too.

Another change I made is the lid. I didn’t have puff pastry in stock so I just use normal pie dough (check my salmon or chicken pie for the recipe).

Beef pie

Beef pie

I’m sorry that today’s post is so short. And I might not be able to blogging like usual until we go back home. And tomorrow we’re moving again to my husband’s granny’s house and she doens’t have internet there. I guess it’s gonna be a very long week 😛

Anyway.. I hope I can go back home soon so I can blog as usual again.


  1. I know how you felt about “the no internet mood”, Whenever I went back to my Mother’s place and having the same mood you had.

    • Heeeey.. I survived a week with no internet at all. I must say it’s amazing (lol). But yeah, it was definitely a long week 😀

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