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Mie Ayam Ungu (Purple Noodle with Chicken)

I’ve posted Mie Ayam (Noodle with sweet soy sauce chicken) before. But one of my friend inspired me this noodle when she made rainbow noodle for her daughter. And I’ve told you about this before, that I’m not a big fan of rainbow foods. Just because they required so much work. And I’m a lazy cook my self, so, yeah, only managed to make purple noodle 😀

It’s a short post today since I won’t be sharing any recipes.

To make this, you can check my previous Mie ayam, Noodle and Bakso.

For the purple noodle, substitute half of the water with beetroot’s juice (from 1 beetroot per noodle recipe).

Serve with bok choy, fried onion and chilli suace (sambal).

Pangsit ungu


Pangsit ungu

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