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Potato Doughnuts

Potao doughnuts

Summer holiday started last week. My daughter has 6 weeks holiday from her playgroup means I can’t take care of my blog very much. I can’t write during the day, because I won’t be able to focus on what I’m writing. In the evening I’ll be too tired to think about what to write.

Anyway, today I’m posting another type of doughnut. This is potato doughnut, but don’t worry, you won’t be able to taste the potato in the final product. This type of doughnut is really popular in Indonesia. One of my aunty made a really yummy potato doughnut (she’s the one who gave me the recipe of this steamed cake too). And what makes it more amazing is, she doesn’t have any bread machine. So she did everything by hands! And still made really soft, fluffy and moist doughnuts. Amazing!

I got the recipe from Indonesian cooking club, unfortunately the site broke down, so I couldn’t attach the link here. This recipe is a keep for me whenever I want moist and fluffy doughnuts. You can also check doughnuts I’ve made before, this doughnut and baked doughnut.

Potato doughnuts


  • 500g bread flour
  • 50g powdered milk
  • 11g dry yeast
  • 200g mashed potato
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 75g unsalted butter (room temperature)
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 100ml cold water


How to:

  • In a mixing bowl, place flour,sugar, salt, milk and yeast. Mix. Then add mashed potato, egg yolks and cold water. Knead until half smooth.
  • Lastly add butter and knead some more until nice and smooth. And let it rest for 15 minutes.
  • Divide the dough, weigh 50g each. Or you can also do what I did, I flatten the dough and then use my round cutters to make them. Up to you.
  • Let it rest for 20 minutes again.
  • Deep fry them in hot oil (170° C) until golden brown (around 30 seconds on each side).
  • Once cooled, you can dip them in sugar-cinnamon mix or just icing sugar or top with chocolate and other toppings.

Potato doughnuts

Bonus photo. Here you can see I tried to make something cute for my daughter, but I failed sooo bad. I knew that I’m not good at making cute foods but still wanted to try anyway. And my daughter was still happy about her doughnuts 😀

Potato Doughnuts

They’re supposed to be snowman, butterflies and flowers

In this post I also want to wish Happy Fasting to everyone who celebrates Ramadan. We fast for 20 hours here in Sweden. Not that bad, eh? 😀



  1. kutilang says

    Hi Ridha salam kenal ya, kebetulan sama2 tinggal di sweden niy. Seneng ceki2 resepnya,looks like very delicious, hehehe….
    Pengen nyoba donat kentang nya niy kyknya enak bgt buat buka puasa, thanks for sharing the recipe.
    Ramadan mubarak…

    • Salam kenal juga, waah.. di kota mana?
      Hasilnya emang empuk banget. mak nyos deh pokoknya. sering2 mampir ya 🙂

      • kutilang says

        Aku di kalmar. Kyknya emang bakalan sering mampir niy nengok2 resep menggiurkan, hehehe….

    • hahaha… donat maksa itu mba, padahal niatnya mo nyenengin anak, eh emaknya ga ada bakat bikin yang unyu2 😀

  2. Fran says

    My mother used to make these a lot, except the recipe she had called them spudnuts.

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