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Cimi-cimi (Onion Crackers)

Snacking time! ^^


Cimi-cimi or onion crackers is one of seasonal snacks. You don’t find them very often except during Eid celebrations in Indonesia (at least in my hometown). One of the best cimi-cimi I’ve ever taste was made by my mum’s friend. My mum always order at least 2kg every Eid. And most of them will be eaten my everyone in the family except the guests πŸ˜› But the bad news is, my mum’s friend has passed away few years ago. Since then we don’t have cimi-cimi anymore to be served 😦

I dunno if you call this good or bad thing. Living abroad, far away from my country, I often crave for Indonesian snacks / foods. The bad thing is, I have to spend lots of time in the kitchen to make something I crave for. The good thing is, I learn how to make Indonesian food. For example this cimi-cimi. If I still live in Indonesia now, I wouldn’t bothered spending 2 hours in the kitchen to make something like this. I can just buy it.

The trickiest part here for me is when I have to roll Β the dough as thin as possible and cut them into thin strips. Because I don’t have pasta machine, so I had to use rolling pin and pizza cutter. But if you have pasta machine, then no worries (lucky you).


How to:

  • Finely chopped the garlic, put in a bowl.
  • Add the rest of the ingredients except water. Mix well by hand.
  • Pour water little by little until in form a bread-like dough. Let it rest for 30 minutes.
  • If you dont have pasta machine: Divide the dough into 5 equal pieces, sprinkle some flour on the kitchen surface, roll each dough as thing as possible with rolling pin. And cut the dough using pizza cutter. Deep fry the strips and stir once in a while until nice and light brown.
  • If you have pasta machine: Divide the dough into 5 equal pieces. And just treat the dough like pasta dough.Β 
  • Let it cool down and store in air-tight jar.

note: You have to work very fast in the last stage, with or without pasta machine. You should preheat the oil first then roll the dough after. Because you can’t cut them all first then fry everything after. They will stick to each other again and you have to redo the dough again. So while the oil is heating, you work with the dough. And then, while the first batch is in the oil, you have to do the second dough, etc. And don’t be panic, its dangerous to be panic close to hot oil. Β 




  1. It looks really interesting. Crunchy and salty, perfect for a snack. πŸ™‚ I guess you need some practice before you can reach the perfect result. Thanks for sharing!

    • It took me several times until I got the right crunch, taste and shape. So yeah, definitely need to practice a bit πŸ™‚

  2. kayak stick keju ya mbak?
    dulu pas dirumah biasanya sering bikin dari sisa adonan kulit pastel
    tambah keju ama bawang putih terus sledri rasanya nyamleng deh
    bahkan sempet juga dijual hehehe

    salam kenal mbak dapat lapak nih dari tempate mbak Tinsyam πŸ˜€
    *nglirik mbak Tin*

    • Klo ga salah nama umumnya kue bawang tapi di Balikpapan bilangnya cimi2.. hehehe…
      Salam kenal balik mba Uli (atau mba Lala?) πŸ˜€
      Sering2 mampir ya, monggo loh ^^

      • matur nuwun mbak
        aku nyebut stick soalnya orang2 di jawa terutama semarang lebih mengenal cemilan itu dengan nama stick hehehe

      • Panggil Ridha aja mba πŸ™‚
        Berarti orang2 di jawa lebih modern daripada di kalimantan ya mba? hehehe πŸ˜€

      • hahaha ndak juga mbak Ridha, malah kadang orang di Jawa tuh ketinggalan jew sama yang di kalimantan.

        kadang banyak lho makanan yang sama tapi karena beda tempat dan bahasa namanya juga beda. atau malah sebaliknya. namanya sama tapi makanannya beda

      • Kebanyakan pulau & bahasa sih ya negara tercinta kita ini… jadi sering bikin bingung klo jalan2 ke pulau lain.. hehehe

  3. Elaine. says

    Hi Ridha,
    I just found your recipe. I have a question, the recipe is Onion crackers but I don’t see the onion in the recipe?

    Please RSVP soon, I want to make it in two days, thanks!


    • I’m sorry for the late reply, Elaine. I’m guessing its too late now anyway to tell you about it? Its just the name, not literally onion crackers. You see I use garlic instead of onion.

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