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Fried Calamari with Teriyaki Sauce

It’s only monday and I already cheated. But I have a reason for that (promise). Starting from today, everything is back to normal again. After 2 weeks holiday, spending time with husband and daughter also visited my in-laws was such a good times. But back to all the routines again, not very fun. See, I have reasons to cheat a bit.

Honestly, I love love deep fried foods so very much (I guess most of people do too), but, I don’t know why, I can’t eat them very much. I usually get dizzy, feeling sick and no energy all of a sudden after eating too much fried foods, including this squid and salmon. Except for crackers. So weird, right?

Seafood with teriyaki sauce

The protein is all up to you. I have squid rings / calamari and salmon cubes here. You can use chicken, prawns, mussels or anything you want really. I’ve posted sweet and sour prawns before, I used the same recipe for the batter.

The cheating part here is, I used ready teriyaki sauce, added some veggies to it and Indonesianized it a bit. Easy peasy!

For the veggies, I used carrots, onion and spring onion. Sliced them. Saute quickly then add teriyaki sauce and a little bit of water if its too runny. Serve with warm rice. Done!

Soooo very easy right? Right? πŸ˜€

Seafood with teriyaki sauce



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