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Nutella Cream with Meringue and Strawberry

In my previous post, I told you that I did my test in the school miserably (I didn’t study the night before). So, the whole weekend, I was just thinking about the result. And finally I got the result yesterday. A bit more nervous than usual when I was on my way to school Β and stomach ache is very normal thing for me when I’m scared and nervous πŸ˜›

I had to wait until break time to ask the teacher about my test. And the result iiiiiiisssss…. I PASSED!!! Yaaaaaaaay!!! That just made my day. So very happy. When I’m feeling down I go to the kitchen, when I’m happy I also go to the kitchen. But nothing too fancy to celebrate it, just bought some summery stuffs. Strawberries are really expensive now when it’s not in season anymore, but hey.. I just my passed my test, so it’s ok to spoil my self (and husband and daughter) a bit πŸ˜€

Husband likes meringue and cream a lot (we ate it a loot during summer) and my daughter likes strawberry so very much and both of them are a big fan of chocolate. So I was just putting everything they like in 1 glass.

I didn’t make anything here, only whipped 500ml cream with 2 tbsp nutella. Served with crushed meringue and strawberry.Β Very simple but so very good!

Have a good day everyone! β™₯



  1. maryamsblog says

    Sister who does this photography, Its amazing…

    What Software you use to edit your photos.

    Have a Good Day!

  2. Menggoda banget, such a simple recipe. Mo nyobain tapi entah kenapa males sering melanda nih kalo mo ke dapur hihihihihihi… πŸ˜€

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