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Lazy Food: Simple (budget) Udon

Yes, you saw the title right. This udon was my lazy food. Don’t expect that kind of udon you can find in Japanese noodle cafe. Ah-ah. And I’m sorry that I have no recipe to share with you today. Because everything here is instant and store bought 😛

I’m a big fan of noodle. Udon, ramen, egg noodle, rice noodle, rice vermicelli, bean vermicelli, you name it. I like them.

So, one day I bought a pack of udon noodle and some other stuffs in Japanese shop. I thought, the udon is just plain udon. But when I was about to cook it, I found some instant seasoning in it too. Curious of course, so I tried it.

It wasn’t so bad but of course not as good as in a noodle cafe. But since it was my lazy food, it’s acceptable 😀

I served the noodle with boiled egg, nori (seaweed), chikuwa, mussels and onion. Pretty much what I had in my fridge really.

So if you’re in a lazy mood like me, instead of go to noodle cafe, you can buy ready udon or any kind of noodle. Just add some stuffs (what you have in your fridge). Then you’ll have food. Which a lot cheaper than if you eat out in a cafe. Just some suggestions 🙂



  1. I LOVE noodles, and udon are my favourite. There’s always some in the pantry! I like adding a little chilli, garlic and ginger and serving with egg and some greens. Yummy and healthy!

    • Same here. But when I have my lazy mood, I just eat them with egg and some spinach or bok choy 🙂

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