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Winter Roses

I just want to share a quick post here about the roses I’ve been working for 3 days (I had to wait each layer to dry first before putting another layer of petals). This roses bouquet is the topper of a cake that I did for a cake competition few weeks ago. Even though I didn’t win (didn’t even expect to win :P) but I’m still really proud of these roses. So I can’t help but to share it with you here.

2 weeks ago I joined a cake competition here in Sweden. I didn’t expect to win at all. No-no. I just wanted to get the experience of a real cake competition. Unlike the cupcake contest I’ve shared with you few months ago, that based on how many friends you have on facebook and help voting for your cake (I only have around 150 friends in my facebook).

Sadly, a week before the contest my daughter got fever for 3 days. I had to squeeze my time between taking care of a sick and cranky daughter and going to the school to do the cake. Very last minute cake. And the last night before the contest I stayed up a bit longer to finish the cake.

And since we don’t have a car, it was a bit difficult to take the cake to the place where they held the contest. Plus, it was raining. Soooooo much work and tiring too.

After looking at all the cakes, I was a bit upset because I didn’t do my best with the cake. But still happy to see my cake and my name there. I also got a goody bag for participating in the contest. Liked everything in the bag! Especially the books. 1 full with cake and cupcake recipes and the other one full with Β tips and tutorials for cake decorating πŸ™‚


So, the conclusion is… Β I’m not really sure about join the contest again next time. Maybe yes maybe not. Getting the cake done is no problem since I like doing cakes. But taking the cake from my house to the contest place with a bus.. hmmm… no more please…. enough πŸ˜›

Please don’t tell me I could have done more with the cake, because I knew it very well and I regretted that 😦

Still proud of the roses though πŸ˜›

So what do you think?

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    • Thank you. I also like very clean and simple cake, however… this cake is a bit too clean πŸ˜€

  1. I think it’s lovely, especially knowing that there’s so much heart and kindness you have put in while doing it. I think the feeling of finishing the cake is rewarding enough…something you can’t put into words.

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I did my best to finish the cake when I had to take care of my sick daughter too, but if I had more time, I could have done better.

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