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Cooking Class: Empek-empek Kapal Selam

This cooking class actually was from last month. But I only have chance to post it now. If you were my reader since I just started this blog, you should have know that I’ve posted 2 empek-empek recipes. The one with eggs in it and the easy round ones.

The lady who taught this recipe is my friend’s mother who came all the way from Indonesia. She has her own empek-empek business back there. So, it was a really fun cooking class for me. Because I never be able to figure out how to make kapal selam properly.

As for the recipe, I’m still using my own version.

If you like Indonesian food very much, I recommend you to try this out. This is the best food in the world for me πŸ˜€

I’ll try to remember to take pictures or short video to show you how to fill the mixture with an egg like the picture above next time I make this πŸ™‚



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