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Happy Ramadan!!!

Happy Ramadan for you who celebrates it! I’m sorry if I’ve made a bad jokes in my posts or comments.


Finally, we’re at this holy month again. So happy but sad at the same time. This is the time I usually miss my family the most. So many activities and traditions we usually do during ramadan.

If you noticed, I have been posting everyday since sunday, that’s because I’m planning not to blog so much during this time. For a month only.

And I won’t say much in this post. Just wishing everyone a happy ramadan and stay healthy. Don’t forget to eat lots of vegetables and fruits to keep you “alive” during the day.Especially if you have a long day like us here in Sweden.


lots of hugs,

Ridha ^_^

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  1. Ramadan Mubarak to you! Its winter here in Cape Town South Africa so our days are roughly between 6am and 6pm. How long are the days in Sweden?

    • Same to you 🙂
      Too bad it’s summer here. 19 hours only. I guess we can only eat once a day, since the night is very short.

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