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Purple Sweet Potato Ice cream

I’m pretty sure you have NO idea how happy I was when I found this beautiful sweet potato in one of my favourite Asian shop. But to avoid disappointment I only took 2 big ones.

Well, few weeks ago, when I shopped in the Asian shop, I found sweet potatoes with purple skin, so I though it was purple sweet potatoes. So I took 3 big ones in hoping that I can try lots of recipes using purple sweet potato as the main ingredients. I steamed them with an excitement. Then when its finally time to peel them, it was A HUGE HUGE disappointment to me. It’s actually the white sweet potato. I was like down to the centre of the earth (exaggerating a bit :P) But still, the recipes I wanted to try already opened in the computer 😦

And to cheer my self up, I made cupcakes from them and guess what?! Yup! I added purple colouring to my cupcakes. Muahahahaha!!! *evil laugh*. Here is the fun part. After I mixed all the ingredients for my cupcakes, slowly the colour turned into grey. I had no freaking idea how did that happen. White batter + purple food colour = grey batter. See what I mean?

It didn’t stop there. Ah-ah. Not yet. During the baking time. The batter changed colour again. It looked kind of green then blue and grey again. How cool is that? 😀 When the cupcakes are done and ready to eat, another miracle happened. It has 3 colours in it. The bottom colour was green, middle was slightly purple and the top was grey 😀 They looked toxic really, that’s why I didn’t take the picture for you 😛

Back to the ice cream. I was a bit nervous when it’s time to steam them. And so very surprised when I peeled them. The colour is just amazing. Very bright and deep purple. Just amazing! No matter what you want to do with it, it’ll just give you nice purple colour. Definitely getting more of them next time they have it in the shop 🙂

This ice cream made without custard. I liked this method a lot more than the one with custard. Less work (of course) and hubby said he likes this version better.



  • 250g sweet potato, steamed, peeled
  • 1 can (397g) condensed milk
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 2 cups milk (I used semi skimmed)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp salt


How to:

  1. Mash the sweet potato until nice and smooth.
  2. Put everything in a blender / liquidiser until everything blend.
  3. Put the mixture in ice cream machine and follow the instruction from the manufacture.


If you don’t have ice cream machine, you still make this. Just follow number 1 & 2 steps. Put in a freezer and take it out every 30 minutes and whisk quickly with a hand whisk and put it back to the freezer again. Repeat the process for the next 6 hours. The consistency might a bit different. But at least you got to make your own ice cream even without ice cream machine 🙂


    • Hmm… I don’t really know about that. But I guess you can. Just try to use water for all the liquid I use in this recipe. And add some sugar if you like it a bit sweeter 🙂

  1. my fav colour…sweet…btw, @Kim, you can do this dairy free with soy, rice, hemp or coconut milk and add 1/2 tsp corn starch or 2tbsp light corn syrup to prevent crystallization…hope that helps…:)

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  4. Your recipes look really good, I may have to try some of them! (I’m pretty bad at anything that isn’t sweet, so this one is a strong contender to be first!)
    : – )

    • Thank you ^^
      Just to remind you though, purple sweet potato taste slightly different with normal (white & orange) sweet potato. And this can fill you up pretty quick too 😀

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