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Seafood Smörgåstårta 2

Long time ago when I just started my blog, I have posted the recipe and the tutorial for making Smörgåstårta aka sandwich cake. It’s pretty much sandwich but you make it bigger so it will look like a cake. Very popular in Sweden for special occasion such birthday party or wedding. Perfect for summer food too.

And last week, my hubby’s grandma came over to visit us. And I didn’t really know what to make. So then I decided to make this smörgåstårta for her. For some reasons I always see that my smörgåstårta looks very different than the one they sell it here or most of Swedish women made. Mine usually always less topping but more filling. I don’t like the look when they put too much topping on it. Kind of messy I think. I prefer to “hide” them inside between the breads. It will make it taller, tidier and nicer to look at 🙂

Most of the time, I make the seafood one. Not because it’s tastier but also, it’s difficult for me to find halal roast beef. Can’t really buy it in the supermarket, because they use the slicer to slice pork  too.

This time I used slightly different method than the previous one. But not much difference.

For this smörgåstårta, I didn’t use any mayonnaise, creme fraiche only. And when I stacked the breads, I always add some lettuce too. Let’s take a look at the picture below:

Here, you can see, for the first layer is egg creme fraiche & lettuce, then the second layer is only salmon and cream fraiche, the third layer is tuna creme fraiche & lettuce. As for the topping, I used smoked salmon. Very simple.


If you want it a try, you can put pretty much anything for the filling and the topping. Just how you like your sandwich 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone! ^_^



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