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I know this is veryย embarrassing to make a post for palmiers. But I like palmiers A LOT, so of course I want it to have a separate post ๐Ÿ™‚

I used to eat this little treat often when I have extra pocket money when I was in Indonesia and still in a school. It’s very pricey, yes. And there was only 1 brand that selling palmiers in my hometown. They called it genji-pie. So, after I’m married and started to bake often, I looked for genji-pie recipes, but nope, I didn’t find it. Googled it, then I found some hopes. Some people call it elephant ears (that’s different snack in Indonesia) and some called it palmiers.

First, I couldn’t believe how easy it is to make one of my favourite sweet snacks. What I did was only bookmarked the site I found. And it has been forgotten for a while.

One day I was bored and just clicking random cooking videos in youtube, then I found a video how to make palmiers. And yes! It looked sooooo very easy. You’ll remember how to make it just by watching the video once.

And on the day I decided to make puff pastry, I knew that I’ll make palmiers too. I love love love them so much. So there you have my story (sorry if its bored you :D)



1 recipe puff pastry



1 egg, beaten for brush


How to:

– On a well floured surface, flatten your dough into 3mm thick.

– Fold it into 2 and open it again (so you can see the middle mark).

– Sprinkle sugar & cinnamon (if you use cinnamon, otherwise just use sugar) evenly on the pastry.

– Bring the edges into the middle mark (it’ll be 1/4 part of the pastry). Brush the surface with egg wash to glue them together.

– Now fold it again, so you have 4 layers now if you see the side

– Cut the pastry into 1cm thick and place them on your baking tray.

– Open the middle a little bit so it will look like a heart shape.

– Sprinkle more sugar on top and bake it for 10 minutes or until the look puffy and has nice golden colour.


p.s. I’ve made some foods with puff pastry too before.

Salmon en croute

Chicken and leek hot pot



  1. I love palmiers and these look delicious! Puff pastry is one of the only types of pastry I have never mastered, do you have a recipe or any tips?

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