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Puff Pastry

Hi everyone!Β Today I’ll share puff pastry recipe with you. I know you can fin this everywhere in the shop, but making it yourself is better. You know what you put in it and of course safer than the one you buy in the shop. It’s not that difficult really. Very easy, just a bit time consuming.

So, once again I watched Raiza’s video in youtube (I subscribed to her, yes :P) and watched how easy it is to make your own puff pastry. She always made me want to cook everything. I’m so inspired by her.

I made a lot of puff pastry. I doubled the recipe. Since I have quite lots of things I wanted to make with puff pastry. And here in Sweden, ready puff pastry is a bit pricey. And I’m stingy person πŸ˜› So it’s better to make it my self.

You only need 4 very basic ingredients here. I bet you always have the ingredients ready at home πŸ™‚



250g flour

1 tsp salt (skip this if you use salted butter)

50g melted butter + 150g cold butter

150g cold water


How to:

– In a big bowl or you can use your kitchen table (don’t forget to clean it first πŸ™‚ ) pour flour so it’ll look like a mountain. Then make hole in the middle (make it big enough). Pour water and melted butter in the middle of the flour.

– And slowly in a circular motion, mix the flour with the liquid slowly. Starting from the inside part of the flour.

– When it has form a lump of a dough, knead it for 3 minutes or so. Until it has a nice and smooth texture.

– Form the dough into a square shape, 15cm Β x 15cm big. Wrap in a plastic wrap and set aside in the fridge for 30 minutes.

– Take out your butter, put it in a plastic wrap (double the plastic). With your rolling pin, try to shape it into a square, as big as the dough. And put it back to the fridge to make sure it’s really cold and hard.

– Now the fun part. Take your dough out from the fridge and put it on the well floured surface. Flatten each edge and leave the middle part (leave around 7cm x 7cm in the middle and don’t flatten that area). It will now look like a giant envelope.

– Place your cold butter in the middle of the dough. And wrap the butter with the flatten edges. Wrap it nicely, it’s important.

– Now you have a square shape again.

– We can start flatten the dough now. With your rolling pin, flatten the dough until it has a rectangular shape. And tidy the edges too. You want a straight edge, so you don’t have to waste a lot of dough at the end.

– Mark the dough into 3 parts and fold it.

– Now you have a slightly square shape again. And you have to face the side where you can see the layers. Start flatten the dough into rectangular shape again.

– Mark the dough into 3 parts and fold it. You now have made 2 turns. Make a mark with your fingers anywhere in the dough. Just so you know you have flatten it 2 times. Wrap it in a plastic wrap and rest it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

– Take out the dough and you have to face the side where you can see the layers. Start flatten the dough again. Repeat the process until you’ve done 6 turns.

When you have your puff pastry dough ready, if you want to use it right away you can of course. But if you want to store it in the freezer, you can flatten the dough until it has 0,5 cm thickness. Just like the one you always buy in the shop. And when you cant to roll it, put a sheet of baking / wax paper, and roll it, so it won’t stick.

It can last up to 1 month in a freezer and 5 days in the fridge.

*sigh* Finally, you have your own puff pastry now. Such a long instruction for very basic ingredients. I think this is the longest instruction I’ve ever written in my blog.

Next, I’ll share with you what I’ve done with my puff pastry. So, please look forward to that πŸ™‚

note: You can reuse the plastic wrap here, don’t waste too much plastic if you love our earth πŸ™‚ And please please use proper butter if you don’t want to be disappointed with the taste.



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