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Lazy Food: Rice, Sausage, Egg

Some of you maybe think that the food I make everyday look tasty and yummy. Even though I keep saying that they’re very simple, easy and quick. And that I always make fancy food every single day. But you’re wrong. I’m a human too after all. I have my lazy days, when I don’t really want to do anything. Well, this is one of those days.

You saw it right. Rice, sausage and fried egg. Adding a little bit of sweet soy sauce, chilli sauce and fried onion. Then it’s fancy enough for me. Maybe not for you, but in Indonesia, most of people fine with just eating something like that. We’re very simple when it comes to food.

I remember, when I was little (around 8 t0 10 years young I think), there was an ad of a margarine brand (quite famous in Indonesia) it said, you can just eat rice with margarine. 100 grams of rice and 1 tsp of margarine will make your day bright (says the ad :P) Soooooo, I started eating like that too for my breakfast every day for I dunno how long. Now I think about that again, it was weiiiird 😛 Not sure if I want to try that again now 😀

That’s all for today, since I have my lazy day today. I’ve done the dinner yesterday, so only need to reheat it today 😉 And I’ll play and snuggle with my precious little thing all day today. It’s a-stay-home-and-snuggle-together weather here today.

One of my favourite Indonesian drink

What are your lazy foods? Share with me here 🙂



    • Marilah kemari hey hey heeeeeey.. mumpung masih sisa berapa biji tuh. ALyzza suka juga, dan sekarang udah pinter ngambil sendiri di atas meja makan. klo ga diawasin udah abis diminum dia semua.. hahaha 😀

  1. Some of my lazy foods are scrambled eggs, hotdogs and instant noodles. We all have our lazy days. I just had mine. 😉

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