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Random Post: Hidden Treasures

I’m not posting any recipe today. Instead I’ll share something in my kitchen. Thing that I really love. My food cupboards 🙂

Last week I finally received my package from one Indonesian shop in Germany. I was soooooooo very happy. Everything in that package is Indonesian stuffs. Instant noodles, drinks, crackers, snacks and kitchen stuffs. Even though I had to pick it up my self (wasn’t very easy) but it’s all worth it when I get home and unpack it 😀

A little story from picking up package. Its weight is 30kg. I came there with my biggest luggage and big IKEA blue bag. The hardest part is to get home. To reach my flat, you have to climb (REAL climb) around 7 minutes from the tram stop. So, just imagine how hard it was. My arms were sore, my back felt weird, legs tired. Definitely A good exercise 😛

Now we take a look at my cupboards. I didn’t tidy them for this post. They pretty much look like this all the time. And I like putting labels on them too. Easier to find stuff (mostly for hubby), one of the reason is, example, I have 4 types of sugar, 6 types of flour and many types of crackers. So, it helps hubby a lot to find things I asked him to 🙂

In this picture, you’re looking at my “taste of homeland” storage. Everytime I crave something Indonesian, I’ll open this cupboard. You can also see, this is where I store my big pack of rice and fondants.

In this picture, just a general food cupboard. The first shelf is canned and random stuffs. You can find canned stuffs, tea, milk, dried shitake at the front and dried bean curd.

The second shelf is where I store my 5 types of flour, pasta, noodle and rice on the right side. And sugars and small stuffs on the left.

The third shelf is “sweet shelf”. I store all my dry baking ingredients here.

Last one is mixed again. I have breakfast stuffs on the right (cereal, bread). Middle is onion, shallots, garlic. And the very left is sauces.

So, that’s all you can see in my cupboards. It took a lot of courage to post things like this you know. But I’m proud of my kitchen and I hope to get a special room as my giant cupboard pantry in the future *wink to hubby :P*

Oh, this one is bonus picture. Snacks, all from the Indonesian shop. They’re all gone in less than 5 days, except the drinks… 😀

How do you organize your dry goods? 🙂

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A mother from two pretty girls and wife from an awesome man. This is the place where I gather all the recipes I've tried in my kitchen. I might occasionally share my other interest beside baking and cooking.


      • iya bener….teteh pernah foto belanjaan dari supermarket, temen2 yang diluar pada teriak…”Teh Bubuuuuk” ,,,jadi eikeh pikir kalo ada pasti kebayang minumnya sambil ngelamun kampung halaman…..

      • Mrs. D says

        hehe.. kampung halaman emang suka bikin kangen ya teh..
        disini juga suka gituh, minum teh botol dingin, ngebayangin biasanya makan bakso sama temen2 di kampung minumnya teh botol dingin. aduuuuh.. bawaannya masih pengen pulang kampung aja nih

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