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Shitake & Green Bean in Black Bean Sauce

TGIF! ^^

Actually this should came at the same time as sambel goreng printil. I made them both at the same day.

Once upon a time, I asked hubby to get me dried shitake mushroom. When he came home, I saw this HUGE package of dried shitake. About 3 times bigger than the one I usually bought. And so far I only use it in Japanese or Korean food (mostly ramen, udon, that kind of noodle soup). Luckily in Gordon Ramsay’s book, he has this recipe that use lots of shitake in it.

I think it should be fine to write the recipe here. Since there’s no secret ingredients. You only need 3 ingredients here.

– Sliced shitake mushroom

– Cut green beans

– Black bean sauce

That’s it. And I assume you know how to cook it, so I don’t have to write the method. Kind of short and silly 😛

Well, in the recipe book, he made his own black bean sauce. Not the ready one I used. But I happen to have this black bean sauce waiting in my fridge to be used for a while now. Hubby likes it. So, why make things more complicated if you can make it simple? 😀

Now there you have it. This is the simplest recipe in my blog so far right? I don’t think I can find anything easier than this. I mean, c’mon only 3 ingredients! You can do it! 🙂

So, that’s all for today. I’m going out for a trip with my little family this weekend.

What’s your plan for this weekend? 🙂



    • Mrs. D says

      Lucky they’re dried so can keep for a while 😀
      Unfortunately I don’t like black bean sauce that much 😦

  1. *masih menebak-nebak cara masaknya* hahahahaha…
    Ini ditumis pake kecap aja yah? Hmm… berarti rasanya agak light yah?

    • Mrs. D says

      pake black bean sauce, Chit. iya, tapi karna aku ga suka rasanya black bean sauce jadi yah.. gitu deh. hubby aja yang makan semuanya 😛

      • Mrs. D says

        Bukan.. hehehe… kayanya si om ramsay ga kenal kecap deh… hihihihi 😛

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