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Should I Join Cupcake Competition?

I just read news from local competition here in Sweden. Last year I joined this with my best 3 cupcakes (at that moment) but I didn’t win anything. What makes me sad and annoyed was mine were quite nice but didn’t get as much vote as the crappy ones 😦

Maybe I just don’t have enough friends to help me vote for my cupcakes πŸ˜₯

They just announced that the voting will start in 1st of March. There are quite a lot of themes too. The prize is not that much but that’s not what I’m looking for (lie a bit :p). So, what do you think? Should I join this competition once again? Hubby said, if I join again, I might get annoyed again if I lost in votes because I don’t have enough people to support me in that.

Please please tell me if I should do this or not. And before you give me your answers please look at my cupcakes journey in my flickr. If you look at it, the very first cupcakes I made was pretty dodgy.


Mrs. D aka Ridha

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A mother from two pretty girls and wife from an awesome man. This is the place where I gather all the recipes I've tried in my kitchen. I might occasionally share my other interest beside baking and cooking.


    • Mrs. D says

      Thanks, I do actually have fan page in facebook. Its Ridha’s Treats. Promise you’ll help me with the voting if I join it πŸ˜€

    • Mrs. D says

      Makasih mba Atik (eh, bener yah? :D) insya Allah ikut, ini lagi cari2 ide hehehe πŸ™‚

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