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Pytt I Panna

Pytt i panna is basically a left over food. But not in my kitchen. Required some work to make this. I always use fresh ingredients everytime I feel like eating this. One of my simple and quick menu when I don’t feel like cooking :p

You see, since I’m married with my Swedish man, I want to know everyting related to food. I have to search and ask here and there. Just to give my hubby some surprises. And of course I know that my Swedish cooking is nothing compare to my mum-in-law and hubby’s grandma. But at least I want to try.. No wonder he kept suggesting to ask recipe from those 2 women although sometimes I feel like I make crap food and feeling a bit sad when hubby praised his mum and grandma’s food so much. But I think its about the tradition, all the food he ate when he grew up, you know what I mean. Because I’m the same. I Β often always trust my mum’s recipes.

And if he’s complaining about my cooking, he knew that he’ll end up with frozen foods. And I won’t make him any sweets ever again :p


6 medium size potato (diced & boiled)

2 carrots (diced & boiled)

150 grams button mushroom (cut)

1 medium size onion (cut)

10 small sausages, the one you use for hot dogs

Salt and pepper


How to:

– In a large wok or pan, add 3 tbsp oil, then saute onion for 30 second.

– Add boiled potato in (stir just once in a while), because I like the potato to have crispy brownish side.

– When the potato looks good enough for you, now can add mushroom in it.

– Then add carrots.

– Lastly add salt and pepper to your taste.

– Serve with pickles beetroot, sausages and fried egg.

note: You can also cut the sausages and mix it all together. But I like it this way. And if you have any left over meat, you can also add that in. more information you can read here.


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