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New Year’s Eve and The Birthday Girl

Its very late to upload and talk about this (I know). But I still want to share my a-bit-fancy-dinner with you all on new year’s eve. I’m not gonna share any recipe in this post though. Will do that in another post. Also, yesterday was my birthday. I’m getting oooold!! Noooo!!! So I had to make my self a little treat to comfort me 😀

I got the best present from my husband. When I woke up I found a flower stuck to the kitchen’s door with a bunch of personal made vouchers! Same as shopping vouchers. Each type of voucher (I got 5 types) is different. I have dish, clean, massage, cook and baby free vouchers! So happy. Definitely priceless 😀 I love my daughter’s father so much :p


Okay, here are what I made and ate on last night of 2011.

Smoked salmon with lemon creme fraiche

Beef tenderloin, mash potato, roasted veggies and black pepper sauce

Lemon brulee with fork cookies

And a little treat I made for my birthday.

Super moist, light and fluffy pandan sponge cake.

I like it the most when its still warm and just out from oven. Hmmm… perfect stuff to ruin my diet. Because I can eat a lot of this. And apparently calories per serving is 200 cal. Oh my… But again, it was my birthday. I deserved something a little bit more.

And another good news, I’ve lost 1 kilo since I started my diet last monday *big grin* 😀

That’s all for today. And I’m planning to make a little party as well in a 1 week or 2. And there will be another birthday cake! Yaaaay!!



    • Mrs. D says

      It was very nice evening, too bad my daughter didn’t enjoy her beef though :p

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