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Chokladbiskvier ( Swedish Style Chocolate Biscuit)

Another surprise for my hubby. One night we watched cooking show together, then he said, “Oh, that is my favourite. Yum yum…” and still not asking me to make it. Silly husband. But because I made pastry cream for a party, I have some egg whites left in the fridge. Was looking recipes and ideas a lot. And I didn’t feel like making macaron that time. I wanted to try something else.

Then finally I ended up in this Swedish cooking site. So many Swedish stuffs there. Then I saw this biscuit, I remember that my husband liked it. So I looked through the ingredients. Oh wow! Perfect! I have exactly 4 egg whites for the recipe. The next minute I emailed my husband to get me almond paste on his way home. Then I made it the next day when my daughter in the daycare.

My daughter and I enjoyed the coating time. My daughter seems to like kitchen too. She sprinkled the sprinkles on top of the little mountain. That was also the first time I involved her in cooking time.

So now lets take a look at the ingredients (a bit work for this recipe since I had to translate it from Swedish to English *brag*) 😀


It will make 20 biscuits.

Ingredients for the base:

2 egg white

250 grams almond paste

1.5 dl caster sugar


How to:

– Mix egg whites, sugar and almond paste.

– Form into small balls, put them around 5 cm from each other. They’ll spread.

– Flatten it a bit.

– Bake for 7 to 10 minutes in 175 deg C.


Chocolate cream:

2 egg whites

1.5 dl caster sugar

1 tsp vanilla sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp lemon juice

250 grams butter (room temperature)

125 grams dark chocolate (70%) (melted)

1 tbsp cold espresso

250 grams dark chocolate (for dipping)


How to:

– Mix egg whites, sugar, vanilla sugar, salt and lemon in a clean bowl. Stir until sugar dissolved.

– Whisk the mixture over bain marie with temperature c bout 65 C.

– Remove bowl from bain marie, and whisk with hand mixer until the mix is cold enough.

– Add butter in, whisk until fluffy.

– Add melted chocolate (make sure the temperature is cold enough, you don’t want to melt the butter in the mixture).

– Pour espresso, stir well.

– Spread the butter mixture onto the cookie base as shown in the picture.

– Let it set in the fridge.

– Melt 250 grams dark chocolate.

– Dip the biscuit in the melted chocolate. You can add sprinkles as well if you want. But you have to do it while the chocolate still wet.


It can be another idea if you’re having a party or special occasion. So, enjoy the recipe! 🙂




  1. scribbleofhappygoluckygal says

    they are infact tiny cutie pichkoos..:):) hhehheeee:):)

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