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Stir-fry Veggies with Tofu

Another nice and easy side dish. This stir fry is really quick to make, simple and delicioso (is that how you Β write it? :p). Unfortunately I’m the only one who like tofu in my small family. Husband said, tofu tastes like nothing :p

When I have no idea what to cook, I usually (most of the time) make things up. Like this one as well. I just use whatever I have in my fridge πŸ˜€

To the point! :p


200 grams tofu

100 grams bean sprout

2 medium size carrots

2 spring onion

3 cloves of garlic

salt and pepper


How to:

– In a hot pan with 3 tbsp oil, fry tofu a bit (until the outside part is brownish but you still can see some white part on it too)

– Add in garlic, wait until aromatic.

– Add carrots and a little bit water (1/4 cup will do), put the lid on and cook until they half cooked.

– Add spring onion and bean sprouts. Let it cook again for around 5 minutes.

– Add salt and pepper to taste.

– Serve warm.


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