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Indonesian Crackers

It’s not a recipe this time, sorry. But this blog is about everything in Mrs. D’s Kitchen, that’s why I decided to post this.

I’m not bragging here (well, maybe a bit :p). I’m very proud being an Indonesian. We have so many tasty foods. From west to east Indonesia. Every islands, provinces even cities and villages have their own signature dishes and drinks. My self, I was born and grew up in the biggest island in Indonesia and number 3 in the world called Kalimantan (Borneo). See, I’m not bragging :p

My island famous cracker called Amplang. It made from fresh water fish or mostly river fish. Very crunchy and nice. So make sure you buy some of them if you going to Kalimantan ๐Ÿ™‚

Enough with the islands now. In this post I want to show 2 types of crackers (these 2 are in my top 5 crackers)

As you can see, left side is raw and right is cooked.

These crackers made from flour, baking powder and onion powder (I think :D). Onion = bawang.

Then you need to dry them under the sun for 2 or 3 days until they dry completely, so they won’t go bad very quick.


This one here also the same, left is raw and right is cooked.

These ones made from flour, garlic, baking powder and fish (I’m sure about this one :D)

Same method with other crackers, they dried under the sun too.

FYI, my husband doesn’t like this one, he said he doesn’t like the smell. I’m happy though, because the I got to keep my crackers for my self and my daughter :p

And 1 more thing. Palembang is a capital city of south Sumatra. 1 of the province in Indonesia.

But to cook these 2 types of crackers is really tricky. Since they’re quite thick, so usually in the factory they put them under the sun (again) for a day then first fry them in 90 C oil and then move them right away to 180 C oil. Unfortunately here in Sweden, we don’t have sun all year. And I don’t like wasting oil so much. So my way to cook the is first put them in the oven (100 C) then cook them right away, so inside them is warm and they’ll cook beautifully.

If you live in Indonesia you don’t have to work hard to make your own crackers, just go to small kiosk around the place where you live then buy ready to eat crackers. Easy peasy ๐Ÿ˜€

Actually there are still a lot more types of crackers. I have 3 more types in my cupboard, but I’ll save them for next time.


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